Honor In The Craft.

Our Team

We are entrepreneurs and investors who want to use our expertise to build American infrastructure and create jobs for anyone willing to put in the work. Snowball is our vehicle to increase economic value and build strong communities for everyone in our ecosystem.

How We Invest

We buy and grow plumbing and HVAC businesses that have a proven track record of profitability, excellent service, and an outstanding reputation in their communities. We use our combined experience to grow these businesses, and increase profits across the board.

Contact Us

Are you an essential service business owner who is curious about selling? Are you an investor looking to get behind community-lead American businesses and job creation? Or perhaps you are generally curious about Snowball. In any case, we’d love to connect personally.

A Proven Approach

Snowball is a family of essential service companies who looks to continue to grow this family through buying businesses that do quality work, and have great local reputations. We then partner with those businesses to maximize reach, profits, and value to their communities- and aim to hold those businesses forever. It is our belief that every role in our ecosystem, when done with expertise and excellence, is a profession of honor.

A Model of Mutual Respect

We partner with knowledgeable and experienced plumbing and HVAC business owners who have done the hard work of providing care to both peoples’ homes and to commercial settings year after year, and in some cases, decade after decade. We capitalize on owners’ in-the-trenches expertise and knowledge of their communities, and pinpoint untapped opportunities to increase efficiency, automation, customer satisfaction, and profits.

Get in touch

For all inquiries, please fill out the contact form to send us a note. We look forward to hearing from you!