Meet team Snowball

Snowball is a team of industry experts and entrepreneurs on a path to build the next great American business, that prioritizes people and the communities they serve, first.

We’re focused on acquiring, modernizing, and growing HVAC and Plumbing companies, across the United States, with an emphasis on hiring local talent within the existing community and promoting leadership from within the companies we hold.

Our Team in Action

Our Team

Executive Team

Amir Haboosheh

Mr. Haboosheh cofounded Snowball Industries in 2020.

Prior to Snowball he was director of M&A at Kingmakers/Acquira in charge of helping identify, acquire, finance and scale businesses in the home service sector.

Amir leads Snowball where he has structured a high-performing team culture based on empowerment and accountability.

Deven Soni

Cofounded Snowball in 2020, Mr. Soni has an extensive background in M&A and Private Equity.

He is the co-founder of Kingmakers/Acquira, a private equity group focused on acquiring small brick & mortar businesses and training operators to scale them, and the co-founder of Wired Investors, a buyout fund that acquired and grew software businesses.

Board of Directors

Manpreet Singh

Mr. Singh is the Founder and CIO of Singh Capital Partners (SCP) and serves on the board of several
private and publicly traded companies.

His public board seats include Investcorp India SPAC, EVT Group, and Founder SPAC.

Xavier Helgesen

Cofounded Snowball in 2020, Mr. Helgesen is currently Co-CEO at Enduring Ventures, a long term investment holding company.

He previously founded ZOLA Electric, a leading distributed solar energy company focused in Africa. ZOLA raised over $100 Million to make solar energy & storage affordable to the mass market via prepaid, plug and play technology.

Our Companies

Snowball is building
Diamondback Plumbing
Phoenix, AZ
Commercial & Residential Plumbing
Digitally Savvy
Toronto, ON
Digital Marketing Services
Clover Services
Ashburn, VA
Commercial & Residential HAVC & Plumbing
Anderson Air
Springdale, AR
New Construction & Residential HVAC
Our Environment

As professionals in the HVAC and plumbing industry, we are truly aware of the impact that HVAC systems have on the climate.

70%+ of all energy usage in many homes can be attributable to heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems.

Snowball is committed to doing our part to reduce global energy consumption and is focused on implementing industry-leading technology to reduce the energy footprint of the homes we service.